Sunday, June 12, 2011

brother and sister

brother sister talk back in the day
 The beautiful Batstone family of Compton, California is currently visiting our family on the first leg of their midwest tour.  Erin, Ian, Ella and Judah came to our home last night, ate dinner, played in the yard, had breakfast this morning, went to worship with us, ate lunch and are now visiting the Weaver-Olsons in St. Paul to watch Natalie in her dance recital.  The whole clan is very interactive with our family and Erin is especially great at asking questions.

In a conversation, Erin asked Anders if he liked being a big brother.  His response was "most of the time".  Erin asked him why not all the time and he said he liked his little brother, but not being a big brother to his little sister.  Just hours before that they had spent a fun afternoon playing hide and seek.  I think Anders and Katie have their moments, but overall, I think they kind of like one another.

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