Wednesday, June 22, 2011

bluers and buzz

Last night we were so lucky to get two ballgames in before the torrential downpour and severe weather sirens of the day with the most daylight in the northern hemisphere.

Ibby, Joe, Henry and Dehlia watched Kathryn and the Buzz hit off the tee, run (and sit on) the bases, play outfield, getting in a dogpile after a ball and asking Mom to take a photo while on 3rd base. The Quintana's did a great job spectating, but did have a long drive to Grantsburg so had to leave the game a little early.  It was great to have them here!

After the Buzz game, Osten, Kathryn and I headed over to Westside to watch Anders hit a nice grounder between shortstop and second base and scurry to first base.  I heard from Michelle Madsen that Anders had a great play in outfield by catching a pop fly similar to how a Minnesota Twin would have made the play before our arrival.  The Bluers did great and ended up winning the game.  I believe their record is now 2-2 for the season.

Here are the Bluers!  Thanks to Missy Huppert for taking the photo:

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