Monday, April 22, 2019

my kind of town...

at the beautiful BnB 

the grand staircase at the BnB

 Henry hanging out on a cool landing

Osten enjoying at hotdog at the Cubs game

Dehlia, Grandma Katie and I walking to the Field Museum

Chicago is. Woke up to sunshine and the infamous Chicago wind. Walked to the El station on 47th to take a ride to The Chicago Field Museum with Betty, Dehlia, Julie and Katie. WOW! It was quite an experience traveling the Timeline of Life--the geological history of our earth.

Katie and I then ventured out into the world of retail where we first tried to go to the top of the Willis Tower (90 minute wait so we skipped), took the trains to a Fjallen Raven store where I purchased a new jacket. Took the train back to the Magnificent Mile where we walked and walked and walked until we found Katie happiness in American Eagle, Hollister and Aeropostle. Back to the train and to our stop on 47th. Ate yummy Chicago style pizza and then went to a Blues club with Sara, Ibby, Johnny May in an Uber. Danced for a while and then headed back to our house to get a good night's sleep.

 Sara, Johnny May, Ibby and I going to the Blues Bar

Friday I logged 28,182 steps and 98 floors. It was a very athletic day.

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