Monday, April 22, 2019

can not throw away my shot

Saturday morning much warmer, less windy...ahhhhhh. Drove to a yummy breakfast spot called Manny's (both Obama and Clinton have dined there) for a delicious breakfast Reuben and some the best cake donuts ever. Met Julie's nephew John and his wife Sarah there for breakfast.

Then back to the house to prepare for the show at 2pm. Walked to the el again with Ibby, Mike, Joe, Henry, Dehlia, Osten, Johnny May, Anders, Brad and I. Julie and Bruce drove Betty and Katie to the show due to their sprained ankle and frustration with walking. We arrived at the CIBC theater, got to our seats and were thoroughly entertained for 2 1/2 hours. I purchased shirts for the kids and I and we also bought some refreshments.

Then onto Millennium Park to the see "the Bean"  and to dinner at a sweet little restaurant called Remington's...WOW.


We got an Uber back to the house and then celebrated Isaiah's 13th birthday. I was pretty pooped out after two big days so kind of vegged on the couch and called it an early night.

Hamilton was incredible. The man who played Hamilton had an unbelievable voice. I'm so happy I saw it live.

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