Wednesday, January 9, 2019

a winter band concert

Last night, Osten, Brad and I attended a lovely concert.

our favorite euphonium player was there making beautiful music
he's on the end on row 4.

The three bands were in top form last night with some memorable pieces in each group. 

The 9th grade band played three songs including a fun song that featured 3 movements of Simple Gifts by Frank Tichell.

The Symphonic band--grades 10-12 non auditioned, played four songs, but my favorite was a cool song called Foundry by John Mackey. That featured instruments that were unconventional found percussion instruments. 

The Wind Symphony--grades 11-12 auditioned, played four great songs, but the last two were pretty superior. The first was Shine of the Fallen by Brian Balmages. I'm copying a description of the piece from FJH music:

Written in response to the tragic events in Kiev in 2014, this music draws on the old Ukrainian folk song Plyve Kacha, which became an anthem for many protesters as a symbol of national pride while also mourning the fallen. Described by the composer as Arabian Dances meets Moscow, 1941, the music is incredibly powerful yet introspective. Quotes of the Ukrainian National Anthem add to the intensity of the music, which features the instrumentalists singing in 4-part harmony at the very end of the piece. Absolutely stunning. (7:30).

Anders was one of the singers during the very end of the piece. It WAS stunning. 

Amparito Roca by J. Texidor arr. A. Winter was the final piece. It was a Spanish march and was really bass heavy in the beginning and featured our absolutely outstanding mallets in percussion during a major portion of the piece. The director mentioned he has always wanted to do this piece with a band and this band was the one he was finally able to do this with. It was magical. 

The Olsons were impressed for sure! 

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