Monday, September 3, 2018

lost a tooth eating sweetcorn

Osten lost his 2nd top front tooth while enjoying a cob of delicious corn made by cousin Nate at our Labor Day gathering. Anders and I were out at the store picking up some ingredients and dinner was served as we were out of the house. While we were out, Osten ate with his cousins and then went to play. At this time, he discovered his remaining snaggle tooth was missing. He went back to his plate and found the tooth right next to his thankful he didn't swallow it! The tooth fairy did find him at his grandparents home (his first front tooth was lost at Grandma B's!). May all the rest of his baby teeth be lost in a non-painful manner ;).

earlier in the weekend, he bumped his tooth and it looked like it was going to fall out at any time...

here is the delicious corn where it loosened the tooth just right
and here is the grin that will be featured on his 2nd grade school photos to come

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