Monday, May 28, 2018

remembering Dad

On Sunday, we left the north woods, drove home to see Anders for a few hours and then packed up again to head south to the Blomgren casa. We got to Kyle and Kim's house at about 2:30pm and then all loaded up to go to the cemetery to place Dad's military plaque.

Kurt and Mom had been to the Veteran's office to order Dad's plaque and received the plaque to install. Kurt then set the plague in concrete, loaded it on a pallet and brought it the cemetery. After measuring placement, digging the sod, compacting the ground, putting in red rock from Cory and Joan's farm and compacting that, placing the plaque and measuring the placement with Kent's gps and Dad's headstone and finally filling in the edges with displaced soil, we placed the plaque. We took several minutes to silently observe his grave and plaque and all slowly departed from the extreme heat of the day (I believe it was about 99 degrees fahrenheit).

The sod that we had removed was lovingly placed on grandson/son/nephew/cousin Ross' grave by his cousins and Dad.

After our time at the Butterfield cemetery we went to Kyle and Kim's farm for dinner and conversation. Kurt left to do farm work. Kent left to drive many miles home to Iowa. Cory, Joan and Trenton left to go home to Lamberton. Brad, Osten and Katie went with Kyle to see a nest in the road ditch. Then Osten and Brad helped Kyle pick eggs. Then we went home to Mom's apartment here in St. James for the evening.

It was a wonderful day for certain.

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