Sunday, May 13, 2018


Brad is away fishing for opening this weekend in the Boundary Waters with some of his good friends. The rest of us where home for the weekend, so why not empty Katie's room, paint and refresh? We had found a dresser about 8 years ago--a cast off from a college student moving out of their apartment. I'd endured the nasty finish but this weekend, we needed to make a change!

Here is a rundown of the process
1. Empty room
2. Scrub Floors
3. Empty drawers and put outgrown/not wanted clothing in a tub for Goodwill
4. Drive to Goodwill with a shopping list
5. Buy a nice soft desk chair that fits  Katie's desk at Goodwill ($20)
6. Buy paint for dresser from the Chip and Joanna collection at Target (we bought Weekend), some fuel (smoothie, cold pressed coffee and chocolate milk), throw pillow for the Goodwill chair, painters tape, energy efficient curtains, a succulent plant and some Avenger PJs for the soon to be 8 year old (total $104.91)
7. On to Home Depot to purchase paint Behr French Silver PPU18-05, white ceiling paint, a Edison lightbulb for her ceiling light fixture, paint tray, new paint roller refill, TSP, 3 new outlet covers, another little succulent and command picture hanger (total $96.56)
8. Home to wash walls
9. Make and eat dinner while walls drying
10. Paint ceiling with Katie/Karen tag team
11. Tape moulding, windows, doors
12. Katie on roller and Karen on brush painted first coat of wall color
13. Put away work so we could apply second coat on Sunday
14. Up at 7:30am to do first touch up before Sunday School and church
15. Home for last touch ups
16. Lunch at DQ with Anders, Katie, Osten and me
17. Home to remove tape
18. Sand dresser and remove hardware
19. Remove dust with damp cloth and let dry
20. Katie and I each took a brush and applied the Chip and Joanna paint (LOVE IT!)
21. To Healthy Kids running series for Osten's race
22. To Ace Hardware to buy new hardware for dresser ($31.17)
23. Home to start loading room/putting hardware on dresser.
24. The long process of cleaning paint brushes, putting things away...

It was a gratifying day. Katie just came running in and said "I JUST LOVE MY ROOM"


Katie running the ceiling roller

the Edison bulb

all done painting!

the beautiful paint color

the dresser drawers before paint and after sanding
view from north side of room

view from south side of room (Dad's wolf puzzle picture matches the colors of her room perfectly)

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