Friday, July 7, 2017

speedway builders and Pierson family at Valleyfair!

On Thursday, July 6, the three kids and I drove to St. Paul to my cousin Nels' place to pick up his children, Sonya, Nels and Mardoche and their Honda minivan. We were greeted by Nels and Nicole in their parking garage at the OxBo (cool place downtown St. Paul) and we boarded the Odyssey  and drove to Shakopee.

The kids were great passengers and enjoyed getting to know one another. Mardoche was challenging Osten to be quiet and was doing a nice job of motivating him. We arrived at the park and met up with club members and got our passes.

First stop into the park was the Wave...super fun and refreshing. We ended up riding several times throughout the day and got completely drenched each time. We also road Thunder Canyon, Osten rode on several kiddie rides and then we ate lunch with the club. We were generously fed by Sheila Pierson (I was going to purchase lunch in the park) and then club photos were taken.

After lunch we headed to the Water Park--Katie and Osten rode the body slide many times and I proceeded to get get sunburned. I finally talked the kids into trying some roller coasters. Katie loved it and Osten was very upset with me for asking him to try. After reflecting though, he did say would love to try another coaster once he gets to the 48" mark (he's currently at the 46" mark). We then went to get our caricature drawn and then Kim and Sheila came to spend time with Osten while Katie and I rode the old time coaster (my first roller coaster) and the Corkscrew. I love how Katie embraced coasters! We then met up with the rest of the kids and drove them back home to St. Paul.

Anders spent his day with cousins Lukas, Seth, Ryan Pierson, Liana, Ryan Blomgren, Sonya, Nels and Mardoche and counts his time with cousins as the best part of the day. After dropping off the Pierson's and transferring to our car he asked if he would be able to go to the Pierson reunion after he's grown because he really loves to spend time with them all. That was pretty neat to hear. I have a lot of really great memories of spending time with the parent of these kids in 4H and in school so the connections have been passed down.

meeting up with Liana as we were getting ready to enter the park

Osten declaring Mardoche as his new Momma

planning our adventure at the front gates

right after our first drenching at the wave

Speedway Builders club members and some alumni members children

bathing beauty at the water park

wave pool at the water park

our caricature

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