Monday, July 10, 2017

paddle down the Croix

On Sunday--Brad, Katie,Osten and I loaded the truck and Prius and traveled north. We dropped the  Prius off in Osceola and drove the truck and big canoe and kayak up to St. Croix Falls to Interstate Park. We put in there and paddled for about 2 hours back down to Osceola.

We saw two big paddle boats, many kayakers and canoeists, some floaters and lots of jumping fish and a few amphibians. The kids and Brad were in the canoe and I was solo kayaking. We put our boats on the beach in Osceola and drove the Prius back up to Interstate to pick up the truck. Then we drove to one of our favorite dining spots...the Village Pizzaria in Dresser and had dinner.

Back to Osceola to put our boats back on the truck and head home to RF.

Gorgeous day and great exercise!

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