Friday, June 16, 2017

take me out to the ballgame

Wow! I got a chance to attend the first round of the Minnesota Baseball Tournament yesterday. Evan and the Red Rock Central Westbrook Walnut Grove team played Fosston. The game started at 12:30. I arrived about 1:15 and got a chance to wave to Evan as he was in mid center field during the top of the 2nd inning.

Throughout the game, I gave running commentary to Brad.
1. Evan hit a nice single to center and RRC just scored their 4th run
2. Evan stole home on a wild pitch
3. Score is 7-1 in the bottom of the 4th
4. Another hard hit to center. Fielder dropped the ball so it was a single by error
5. He just had a great catch in center to end the top of the 5th
6. There's a kid named Cole Olson from Fosston--cool huh? Evan also had another nice catch.
7. Another nice hit by Evan and got to 2nd on a bunt.
8. Bases loaded bottom of 6th. 10-1. 1 out.
9. Bases loaded bottom of 6th. 2 out.
10. Batter is walked and Evan comes in for the winning run.

Next game...same location against Parkers Prairie (ranked 1st) while RRC/WWG is ranked 4th. The game is today and Joan has assured me that she will keep me posted as the game progresses ;).

Because I love statistics, the Falcons are now ranked 79th in MN and 3920 in the nation.
Parkers Prairie is ranked 40th in MN and 2129 in the nation.

view of the field as I arrived.

the team shirt modeled by proud parents

Blomgren fans--Kurt, Mom, Daddy Cory and me

Evan and his proud Grandma Vivian

Mom and Dad with their Centerfielder

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