Tuesday, January 3, 2017

here comes 7

my first Christmas with Kent, Diane, Chuck, Cory, Kurt and Kye

Cory's birthday with Andy, Erika, Christina, Kurt, Cory, Kent and Kyle (he's getting a lot of breath support) 
my baptism day with sponsors Larry and Bev (my first grade teacher)

eldest and youngest (at the time) granddaughter--Barb, Nels, Annie and me 
weiner roast with???

the boys building little villages with sticks in the grove--Kyle, Kent, Kurt and Cory

Cory's 4th birthday at Grandma and Grandpa Pierson's house

the first six going on family vacation walking across a bridge to Canada

my first wig...I had a much better time than those on vacation ;)

out west

in Colorado visiting the Ekberg's

Pikes Peak!

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