Tuesday, April 12, 2016

family history

Bud is really good at sharing family history with us. Here is a wedding announcements/gift list for a wedding back in 1895 of his Grandma Grout:


            Married at the home of the bride’s parents, Nov. 25th, 1895, by Rev. Wilbur Fisk,
            Mr. Willard F. Coon and Susie E. Wells.  After the ceremony had been performed
            the bride and groom and about eighty guests were invited to a sumptuous supper.
            There was a fine lot of presents given as follows:
                        W. Wells and Aug Biedenman – extension table.
                        D. Horning, Luella, Rosella and George Horning – large rocking chair.
                        Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tellett – rocking chair.
                        Mr. and Mrs. C. Auty – chair.
                        Richard Biedeman – rocking chair.
                        Milo and Edna Coon – half dozen chairs.
                        Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Lord – center table; scarf
                        Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Miller – bread, cake and paring knife.
                        Fred Coon – pair of towels
                        Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Coon – pair of towels.
                        Mrs. Marah Wells – one dozen napkins.
                        J.U. Gibson – table cloth.
                        Mrs. Maggie Wells – table cloth.
                        Mr. and Mrs. R.O. Peterson – table cloth.
                        Mrs. Bee – table spread.
                        Mr. and Mrs. O.S. Gillmore – bed spread.
                        Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson – be spread.
                        Geo. Stoddard – table cloth.
                        Miss Dora Bee – table cloth.
                        Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Coon – pair table cloths.
                        Johnnie Brown – paper holder.
                        Johnnie Bogue – paper holder.
                        Mr. and Mrs. Jule Bogue – set glass dishes.
                        Elden Bee – three bowls.
                        Mr. and Mrs. Harry Curtiss – wash bowl and pitcher.
                        John Stoddard – water pitcher.
                        Frankie Tallett – salt dish.
                        Miss Maggie Wells – pocket book.
                        Miss Emma Olson – set of pie plates.
                        Miss Mabel Auty – chees plate.
                        Miss Jessie Hutchins – mustard dish.
                        Mr. and Mrs. C. Elliott – silver pickle dish.
                        Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Hutchins – silver cake dish.
                        Hans Hansen – set silver knives and forks.
                        Jno and Hannah Carlston – silver plated lamp.
                        Will Cook – china lamp.
                        Walter Wells – broom.
                        Miss Sadie Bee – sugar bowl.
                        Francis and Grover Horning – picture.
                        Mr. and Mrs. Henry King – two dollars.
                        Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Miller – set glass dishes.
                        Mr. and Mrs. J. Melder – dozen cups, sauces and sauce dishes.
                        Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Lattin – table spread.

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