Tuesday, April 5, 2016

dappa for life

I finally finished my Maud Hart Lovelace re-read (a bi-annual event) so I'm again book shopping. A book that I received as a teacher in the VI is called Life in the Left Lane--an introduction to life in St. Croix or Santa Cruz as Christopher Columbus first called it.

Reading the story really makes me remember the lovely aspects of living in the tropics and motivates me to plan a return trip in the next few years. It would be delightful to return when O can actually remember the trip and remember what Armstrong's ice cream tastes like, feel how the no-see-ums come out right at sunset, hear the crashing of the waves on the north shore, see the sunrise at Udall or the green flash in Fredrikstad, smell the night blooming Jasmine...St. Croix you're calling me.

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