Tuesday, January 27, 2015

mount Olympus day 2

We were the second family in the door on Saturday morning. We set up camp on the second floor of the water park and couldn't have had a more enjoyable day.  The kids had fun with A having a tall 14 year old female admirer following him around much of the day and Joe having an 8 year old admirer at his side the other parts of the day.

From 10 until 4 we played at the water park and from 4-6:30 went to the indoor amusement park where we did climbing walls, bumper cars, laser tag and go carts.  Ibby and O went on a spinning ride that I would NEVER have endured.  Ibby looked like she was going to toss her cookies when she got off the ride, but that is why I love her!

Then we went to a fancy restaurant (didn't look fancy from the outside appearance) and ate dinner.  We all thankfully retired to our hotel rooms and fell fast asleep after a very full day.

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