Saturday, January 3, 2015

adventure for A

Our eldest son is enjoying an amazing adventure in the Denver area.  He is attending the wedding of our dear friend, Shumair Syed.  I got a text from Betty last night with photos of A as a member of the wedding party.

Here is the group of texts she has sent so far:

me:  Hi Betty!  Just checking to see how the trip is going.

Betty:  Our trip as gone well.  Nice flight.  Sumair and his Mom picked us up.  Took a walking tour of the hotel.  Outdoor heated pool.  Had a very fancy dinner.  Great conversation with Anders while eating.  Tomorrow we are going to the mall.  Wedding festivities start at 7pm.

me:  Wow!  Sounds really great.  Please give everyone our love especially to Anders Cole!  Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Betty:  He loves you too!

me:  Hi again, thinking of you before the big event.  Can you remind me what color is on the dress code tonight?

Betty:  Anders is part of the wedding party.  Attached are some pictures.

Yellow seems to be the main color for the women.

me:  Wow!   Incredible!  Please give our love to Shumair too.

Betty:  Anders was spectacular.  He participated in everything!  We are three of the five non-pac guests.

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