Friday, December 19, 2014

overwhelming outpouring

Wednesday evening was high emotion.  Countless people gathered at Sturm funeral home to support my loving brother, dear niece and nephews and former sister in law in their shared grief of the passing of Ross Isaac.  Ross' step brother made a power point presentation of photos of Ross over the years.  Heart warming and wonderful.

My heart broke for Jenna, Vance and Stuart as they were really trying to wrap their minds around the passing of their very dear little brother.  Kurt and Kelly were also very evidently grieving, but the kids were definitely expressing their feelings of sadness more openly.

What struck me most about seeing Ross in his casket were his beautiful hands.  I had not noticed that they had changed from little boy hands into man hands until I viewed them on Wednesday evening.  Kurt bade me the opportunity to touch his hands, stroke his beautiful brown curls and at first I was a bit reticent, but I am so happy that he gave me that permission and that I was able to connect with his earthly body a last time.  I also noticed how much his hands look like his Dad's and brother Vance's hands...what a strong trait to be passed along.

Tears flowed freely from my eyes and from many in attendance.  The visitation was scheduled to last from 4-8pm, but I didn't leave the funeral home until about 10:30pm.  Kurt and kids first went to personally say goodbye, Kelly followed and then Mom went forward.  I decided to join the group along with the rest of the family still assembled.

I love Ross.  He will forever be sweet little RIB in my heart and his wit, charm, smile and personality is going to be remembered by the many people who payed tribute to him Wednesday and Thursday.

This is a picture I took of Kurt and Ross when they visited us in St. Croix.  A copy of it was placed in his casket.  I will forever remember our hike to the Carambola Tide Pools sweet boy.

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