Friday, December 19, 2014

celebration of life

Thursday was a beautiful service at Butterfield High School gym.  It was overflowing with people wanting to say goodbye to a special young man.  Dennis Stade and Kyle gave especially wonderful tributes to Ross.

Then on the cemetery to have a brief family service and final goodbye.  He is now resting very close to Aunt Beverly and Uncle Larry.  Kurt's cousin Johanna is nearby and I went over to her grave site and asked her to give Ross special pointers in being a younger member of the heavenly choir.

After the cemetery, it was back to the school for cake and coffee and I snuck upstairs of the school to take a look at Ross' locker and around the school to see evidence of how students were remembering my special Godson.  I found his reserved seat at the front of Dennis' classroom.  A board in the study hall of special writing to Ross, a board announcing that Ross was the #1 scorer on the ACT prep exam and photos of Ross on his locker along with a note that was liberally taped to his locker.

I am sure he is going to leave a gaping hole in the community.  I pray for those who will miss him the very most.

I love you Ross.

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