Monday, December 22, 2014

catching up

School was great today--the kids were so happy to have me back and they got some really good work done.  We worked on some projects for one of our classmates who will be moving to Milwaukee just right after Christmas.  Noah is a bright and shining student.  We made a book and a really neat poster for him and his party tomorrow morning.

Another catching up moment for me was this evening when I called Betty to get an address--I just started crying because I am so sad that Ross is no longer here on earth.  Joan so appropriately stated on FaceBook:

From Our Home to Yours.... May your Christmas be filled reflecting on the many memories of the past year. Our hearts will be heavy this Christmas as we will be missing our nephew/cousin, Ross. I know his infectious and radiant smile will be shining down upon us. Remember to give your loved ones/friends that extra text, snapchat, hug, kiss, knuckle bump or whatever it may be. We have learned in this last week how very short life can be. Our hugs go out to all of you this Christmas!

I know it will be a very long time before my heart is healed--probably will never be exactly the same, but I will acknowledge my sorrow and remember the wonderful.
this is another snag from FaceBook--Kelly posted this of Ross at the StateFair this year.  What a bright and shining boy.

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