Thursday, July 25, 2013

camp bound

K is attending her 4th year of Luther Point Bible Camp.  She is attending with Grandma Betty, Uncle Bruce and Aunt Julie, cousins, Isaiah, Joe, Siri and Henry. 
Joe, Siri, Isaiah and K at Luther Point 2012

We left River Falls in Tuesday evening after gymnastics.  We arrived at Wood Lake just as the full moon was rising over the lake...WOW.  Next we got settled in and K had relatively little sleep before she left at 10am...her eagerness was quite obvious. 

While the big crew left for camp, that left Ibby, Dehlia, Molly, Ivan, Grandpa Bud, little O and myself.  We decided we were attending Mommy Camp.  We had a yummy lunch, enjoyed naps and played in the lake.  We then make a delicious dinner of tacos and curried rice/beans and Ibby's dear from Cate came over and the big girls used the sauna and jumped in the lake as Grandpa Bud was in charge of the younger kiddos. 

It was a really enjoyable time catching up with sister in laws and friend. 

O and I arrived at home close to midnight last night and slept very well after our adventure. 

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