Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ice ice baby

For Brad's birthday, he and I went for a kick sled ride on Wood Lake.  The time together was really cool and the ice was perfect!  We then walked towards the two little islands which was over 1/2 way across the lake.  There were parts of the ice that were frozen so evenly, that it was like being on a skating rink.  The ice was also so clear, that if you watched very closely, you would have been able to see fish.  It was a memorable experience.

On Sunday, Molly, Ivan, Siri and I played on the ice for quite a while with the kick sled and ski poles.  I just love playing together and giggling/smelling the fresh, clean air! 

On Monday, I took a solo trip out to the islands on the kick sled with ski poles.  It was a chilly trip back to the house, but it was great exercise.  I took photos and will be sending them to St. Croix to share with people who have never seen a frozen lake ;). 

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