Monday, September 10, 2012

11 years ago today:

  1. Brad, Anders and I hopped into our Geo Metro at our apartment on Woodruff Avenue in Idaho Falls at 6:45am
  2. We dropped off our firstborn son to his first day of daycare.  I didn't cry until...
  3. I filled out my new employment paperwork for my job at Stylart in Rexburg, Idaho and the HR person asked if I was sad and then started tearing up
  4. I spent the day learning about my new job responsibilities and calling my new customers
  5. I met my friends Blair and Betty who worked with me in World Class Customer Service
  6. I met my friends Ida Jo and Heather who worked in Customer Service
  7. I was able to visit Anders for my morning, noon and afternoon breaks
  8. We met sisters Norma and Irma who were incredible caregivers to Anders at Appletree Learning Center, which was located in the parking lot of my work building
  9. Brad and were able to enjoy lunch together at the company he was leading, Hortense B. Hewitt--just steps away from Appletree Learning Center
  10. Anders was smiling from ear to ear after spending time playing with new toys and new friends
  11. Our family arrived home at 6pm and spent the evening with Ibby as she was living with us at the time
My, how it seems like just yesterday.

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