Sunday, November 11, 2018

once and for all!

On Saturday, we drove up to Grantsburg for a couple of missions. The first was to deliver Grandpas truck home (thanks for letting Brad drive to Idaho!), the second was to get a tractor from the hunting shack to the work shed at Wood Lake so Brad can work on it, third to do some prospecting on some ideas for cabins for us and lastly to spend time with loved ones.
here's a glimpse of one of the places we took a peek at yesterday

All missions accomplished and then we drove home so I could see an even more riveting performance of Newsies. I was on ticket sales and it was fun to hang out with my friend, Teri.

There is a song called Once and For All that has a key change that totally blew me away. The performers really nailed it and I got chills and a little teary eyed. Way to go cast!

Then it was home to snuggle with my beautiful daughter Kathryn Grace and settle in for a short winters nap.

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