Sunday, December 3, 2017

swimming and basketball oh my!

On Saturday morning, Katie and I started for Altoona, Wisconsin for her first 6th grade basketball tournament of the season. We arrived at the school at 9:15 and they played three good games of ball.

The first game was against Onalaska where Katie scored 6 points! The final score was 36 to 22. The score at the half was 18-8--our team was down but we rallied in the 2nd half and kept their team to just one bucket per quarter.

The second game was against Menomonie--they were BIG girls who we beat last year. They looked like a well oiled machine and beat us quite handily. Katie reports it was 30 something to 12.

The third game was against Hudson. Again, I didn't keep track of the score, but we did win with Katie scoring 4 of her 10 points in this game. She did a great job rebounding and putting the ball back up for her scores. Great job Katie! Katie reports the score was 32 to 12.

River Falls Gold and Blue both received 2nd place finishes for the day...River Falls Blue played an Altoona team who had a 6'3" 6th grader--she was the tallest 6th grade girl I've ever seen!

Anders left home to catch the 9am bus to Chippewa Falls for his first swim meet of the season. I didn't get to see the events, but Emma reported that he did very well with placing 3rd in 50 breast and his 200 medley relay team placing 2nd overall and their team placed 5th overall. Way to go Anders and the River Falls Wildcats!

enjoying a post tournament coffee-less cooler at Caribou

River Falls 6 Gold before their first game yesterday

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