Sunday, October 16, 2016

new addition to the Blomgren family!

My sweet niece Jenna Louise had "the question" popped to her on Friday evening. My heart started leaping and jumping!

Here is a post from my brother:

In a political campaign season where we have hourly reminders of how sad and cheap life can seem, I am reminded that old style chivalry still remains. Cody Hauser proposed to my daughter Jenna this past Friday evening. Cody stopped and visited me and asked my permission about 6 weeks ago, I learned he asked Jenna's brothers as well. Cody even included me for the event at his families cabin. I salute Cody and his entire family as they exhibit such true, caring qualities I admire so very much. Jenna is very lucky, and they are blessed to have Jenna!

here is a post from Kyeanna:
Stuart and I are so excited to officially add another brother to the family 😊 So many congrats to Jenna and Cody on their engagement this weekend 🍾 We cannot wait to celebrate with you guys when we get home 

here is a post from Jenna;
So this happened last night. We are so excited, so happy, and so blessed ❤️

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