Sunday, October 30, 2016

mad town

Thursday night, my 15 year old and I drove from River Falls to Madison. We made it in just over 4 hours, got to our hotel and both got a great night of sleep. On Friday morning, we had breakfast with one of his friends and then drove to the Waunakee High School where I dropped him off for about 30 hours of rehearsal, dining and preparing for the performance on Saturday afternoon.

I proceeded to go back to the hotel, do several hours of school work/organizing and then drove to the capital and walked from the capital to the UW Madison campus via State Street. It was really fun to see all the different shops and people watch. The campus was breath taking and seemed like a great atmosphere to spend a college career, we shall see if any Olson kids head that direction...

I loved the store with my name!

view from top of the university knoll toward the capital (left middle of photo)

a shot of the top of the knoll

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