Tuesday, August 30, 2016

life lessons at the pool

Yesterday, my six year old and I celebrated my last day of summer vacation by heading to the Ellsworth pool together. We were hoping the water slide would be open, but the pool didn't have enough swimmers to open that part up. A very kind boy who is about 10 years old invited O to play football in the pool. Our six year old was thrilled to be approached by a much bigger child and had a wonderful time.

Also playing with the 10 year old was an eight year old who seemed very short in stature. He pulled his body out of the pool and O and I discovered he didn't have the bottoms of his legs. We had a great conversation about how some people are born without full legs, or other body parts. The little boy talked to O and shared that he also has prosthetic legs. When he came out with his "bionic legs"--that was O's term, O decided it was pretty amazing to be born that way.

I hope that is how he always feels and realizes that people are special no matter how they are born.

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