Friday, August 19, 2016

moa day

Yesterday, the 2 younger kids and I traveled to the Mall of America to celebrate a fun summer and just hang out. We went to Legoland first and then enjoyed some rides at Nickelodean Universe and dined at the Rainforest Cafe. On our way back to the car, we discovered a shirt our 15 year old might like, found some great deals at Sears--a new backpack for our soon to be Kindergartener at West Side Elementary, a first day of school shirt for him, a pair of flip flops for our 10 year old, some new swim trunks and another shirt for our soon to be high schooler.

We then discovered we were hungry for popcorn and stopped at a yummy popcorn shop called Doc Popcorn. Finally made it to our car and made it home at about 8:30--just before the rains descended upon River Falls.
Big Rigs...a favorite ride of O and K's

Rugrats bumper was a little frustrating getting the sequence of driving down, but he finally figured it out

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