Sunday, May 8, 2016

prom 2 for Liana Marie

In calling Mom today for Mother's Day, I was reminded that Liana attended the St. James prom with a friend I grew up with's son. Anyway, she was able to wear the dress that she had originally ordered online. It was a beautiful blue color and she looks fantastic (from the post I found online).
Liana is 3rd in line

Mom also shared that she visited with my friend, Joanna when she attended Steve Wentzlaff's funeral this past week. I was thrilled to hear that Joanna was doing so well and that she has survived breast goes very quickly and its amazing that a girl who was the center of my world in elementary and jr. high has battled cancer without my knowledge. There are many wonderful people we meet in this world, it would be really amazing if we could keep in touch with them all.

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