Sunday, December 20, 2015

warm friendship

5 years ago, O was just a baby and John and Gretchen Stoeffl opened their home to friends to make Bailey's Irish Cream. We have attended 5 of the 6 gatherings with the second party happening when we were in St. Croix. The kids play and eat, the parents eat and sample some Bailey's and we all take home as much as we ordered from John and Gretchen. This year we made two batches. We will share them with neighbors and family.

The kids look forward to this annual event every year and it restores my soul with friendship and laughter.

Thank you John and Gretchen for hosting and keeping the tradition going. Thanks Noreens, Samargias, Bonds, Harers, Johnsons, Lindsays, Jacksons and usually Madsens for being a part of the fun too.

makings for 16 batches of Baileys
Gretchen, Kim, Karen, Sarah, Sharyl and Angie

Karen, Gretchen, Kim, Angie, Michelle, Sharyl and Sarah

Sarah, Gretchen, Sharyl, Kim and Karen

John and O having a wrestling match!

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