Wednesday, December 30, 2015

old spaces new faces

We are in the midst of doing some painting/re-arranging in our little home to provide our sweet KGO and OJO rooms of their own. To accomplish this, we are relocating our living room to the dining room and KGO will go into the area where the living room downstairs once occupied. For sale are our dining room table, hutch and buffet.

The 29th was the day where all the displaced contents found a new home, photos were taken of objects for sale on Craigslist and furniture moved outside.

The 30th was a day of washing walls, preparing them for painting, buying paint and soon will be taping to protect woodwork. I'm excited to see when all complete.

Here are a couple of photos:
opening gifts on the 22nd

dining room table, chairs and hutch for sale

after the table, chairs and hutch removed

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