Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2 confirmations

On the 24 and 25, K, O and I attended two confirmation services. So did my Mama, brother Kyle and brother Kurt. We (Mom, the kids and I) left Kyle and Kim's house at about 3:30 on Saturday afternoon, arrived in Albert Lea and bummed around Walmart until Kyle and Kurt met us in the parking lot. We then piled into our van and drove to Ames to sleep at a lovely hotel with a terrific breakfast. Got up early Sunday morning and drove to Huxley where we saw Abby Rae be confirmed. Her faith statement was outstanding and it was great to see that both of my nieces received faith forming confirmation instruction. Went to Kent's apartment and out to lunch at the Pizza Ranch to celebrate. Abby wasn't able to join because she was at her Mom's, but we did get to talk to her and almost all of Brenda's family at the service. We got an opportunity to meet Anna's boyfriend Josh and he seems like a really devoted and kind companion. Back on the trail north where we dropped Mom, Kyle and Kurt off at the Walmart parking lot and then on our way home. We took a detour through RedWing due to really congested traffic on I35, and found a really fun restaurant. Maybe that will be a route we take again in the future.

Abby and Grandma B

Grandma B, Abby and Kent

Grandma B, Abby, Kent and Anna

O and K after our long journey on Friday night

At Liana's party--Cory, Kyle, Grandpa, Kurt and Ryan

Grandma B, Abby and Anna

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