Saturday, February 21, 2015

rock around the block

Meyer Middle School music department and cast of about 50 students put on a wonderful production of Rock Around The Block, a 1950s Musical Comedy on Thursday, February 19 and Friday, February 20.

Cast of Characters (in order of speaking)

Donald Spinney--Isaac Gabriel
Louise--Grace Redmond
Virginia Segal--Abby Fry
Ann Collier--Natalie Simpson
Jane Connolly--Lindsey Myhre
Muffin Mansfield--Olivia Szatkowki
Jughead Jarvis--Elijiah Arneson
Gracie Stanley--Dana Craig
Rose Marie Farniano--Elsa Putzier
Evelyn Weber--Iris Van Eeckhout
Bob--Jackson Califf
George Bullock--Logan McLaughlin
Sinbad Gallucci--Ari Silver
Riff--Nathan Johnson
Misty--Carolyn Decheine
Lennie King--Grant Herfindahl
Ziggy Springer--Anders Olson
Beverly Griffith--Sylvie Craig
Officer Moore--Jacob Richardt
Waitress--Miranda Kieren
Basketball team--Thomas Cariveau, Liam Egan, Micheael Kerr
Cheerleaders--Raena Bents, Hannah Campus, Kyndra Lindquist, Christina Rolf, Erin Syverson
Teen Queens--Kaye Anderson, Katy Myers, Evelyn Okal, Ellisha Ruele, Lindsey Skogen
Student Council--Marlayna Diel, Cecilia Downey, Claire Egerstrom, Sydney Fleming, Eliza Tool
Biker Boys--Brody Culver, Xander Klein, Aiden Olson
Biker Girls--Hannah Friedman, Kate Lindsaay, Scarlet Montgomery, Alex Samargia, Martha Soward
Ziggy's Singers--Kaye Anderson, Hannah Friedman, Katy Myers, Lindsey Skogen, Ellisha Ruele & Evelyn Okal

LOVED the production.  We saw both performances and had friends attend each night.

Bud and Betty, Joe, Henry and Dehlia made it to the performance on night two.

Here are some photos:
opening act--A over on far right

Ziggy Performing with his backup singers and screaming fans

Ziggy coming in to save the Hippity Hop

Ziggy joining the cast for the final number

full cast shot at the end of the play

Beverly, Lennie, Ziggy and George

Gracie and Beverly--sisters who do a wonderful job of acting

encore shot

2 kids that started out in Ezekiel bible school 10 years ago...

side shot of Ziggy's wig and look--my friend Sharyl found his whole outfit!

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