Thursday, August 21, 2014

canoeing our way in

We got up on Sunday, the 17th and had a nice egg breakfast.  Then we readied ourselves for a two hour paddle from the landing at Trails End to a campsite that we heard was quite nice on Seagull Lake--Miles Island.  We were scoping out sites for our overnight camp plan on Monday the 18th.  Brad and the two youngest were in one canoe and myself and A were in the other.

We had quite the adventure getting through the chute from Gull Lake to Seagull (A and I did anyways) and then winding our way around the copious islands.  Our original destination was occupied, so we ended up landing at our third choice.  It was quite lovely indeed.

After some exploration and some fishing, we then headed back to camp.  I had made the poor choice of not packing a lunch so the boys were struggling with low energy issues, Brad accidentally leaving his life jacket on our exploration island (he discovered his error and safely headed back about 15 minutes into our return trip).

We got back to camp, had lunch and then did more poking around the campground, making floral arrangements, enjoying watching the little chipmunk who had a burrow right inside our tent, hearing the rapids, enjoying the sun.

We then made dinner and settled into our tent for a restful sleep.

Brad admiring our floral bouquet in his new thrift store jacket (found in Grand Marais)

at the landing

at Miles Island

I hiked to the tip top of miles island

Henry enjoying the sun


the decorators and their beautiful bouquets enjoying an evening snack

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