Saturday, July 5, 2014

water view

Last night, our family loaded up in the boat and we headed out on Wood Lake to watch the magnificent fireworks display.

I kept hearing "Mom, Mom, Mom, look that way!"  "Wow!"  The show did not disappoint that is for sure.  As we were cruising, I realized that it had been 18 years since my first visit to Wood Lake for July 4.  It seems like it was just yesterday.

Many wonderful things have happened in those 18 years...getting engaged, married, moving to Illinois, becoming parents, moving to Idaho, buying a house, selling a house, moving to Wisconsin, buying another house, becoming a family of four and a family of five, moving to the VI for a year, moving back to Wisconsin and teaching at RFPME.  There are many other life events that occurred during this time, but those are the major ones that I could think of at this time.

There is nothing that I would change...thanks Bradley Cole for an amazing 18 years of life's journey.

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