Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Grace Nadine Spearman Swanson has returned to her heavenly home.  Yesterday afternoon, I called my Mom to tell her the great news of A getting the part of Peter Pan in the Prairie Fire Theater production of Peter Pan here in River Falls.  While we were talking, I told her of Grace and her limited time here on earth.

As we were talking, I was looking at our mantle and the beautiful Harvey Dunn landscape of a woman on the plains with a young girl right next to her, a hand full of flowers loosely held in her left hand, a knife in her right, another child stooped near her gathering more flowers, and a simple shanty and farm site in the background.  This beautiful picture had been Grace's and she had gifted it to our family.  As I looked at that picture, I thought of the sincere, strong and lovely person that Grace Nadine Spearman Swanson is and will be in her heavenly home.  I think the woman bears a strong resemblance to Grace and Grace thought the woman looked much like her own Mother.

Shortly after Mom and I were done with our conversation, Brad got a call from Betty.  Grace had passed away.

Here is the picture and how I will always remember Grace:

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