Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Stuart is 20 years old today.  I still have the audio tape of when my then sister in law Kelly called my dorm room to tell me that a little miracle named Stuart was born.  Seems like it wasn't 20 years ago, but the reality is that is was 20 years ago.  20 years ago today.

Happy birthday to a healthy and well rounded young man--and pretty darn handsome to boot.

By the way, congratulations on completing the Ultimate Tough Mudder on Saturday/Sunday.  You endured 60 miles in just 24 hours.  What a trooper!

Today in our morning meeting message, I asked the kids what year my nephew was born if he turned 20 years old today.  One of my biggest strugglers with math answered without a hitch--1993.  It was a proud teacher moment.

in his charming yellow hat

with cousin Logan (Stuart with Farm Bureau shirt)

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