Saturday, October 8, 2011

Christiansted adventure

Today our family spent some time getting to know Christiansted.  We are much closer in proximity to this lovely village, but with working and going to church in Frederiksted, we spend a lot more time there.  We arrived at about 3pm after getting some weekend chores out of the way--Brad and Anders mowed lawn, I did laundry and some Zumba, Osten napped and Kathryn and I played Jenga. 

We stopped in a lovely art store where we found some great nautical maps of the island.  That is definitely on our list of things to purchase while we are living here.  We also found some lovely books about the island, a copy of St. Croix this Month and also artwork that would be fun to take home.  Next stop was a glass blowing shop that was pretty cool.  Osten spied a little puppy and was so extremely happy to visit with him.

Then we walked to the fort and enjoyed harbor views of tons of sail boats and other ocean vessels.  I picked out a little dinghy named sweet pea that I thought would be a great mode of transportation. 

We ate at a spot called grumpy Nates and watched as some fisherman brought in a HUGE fresh tuna.  As we were waiting for our food, a sea plane departed. 

What a fun afternoon.  Now we are going to settle down to an evening of Yatzee. 

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