Monday, October 6, 2008

Katie's Day...

Many of Katie's days are filled with playtime with her good friends, Ian, Maiya, Evelyn, Vivian, Sherri, Grant and Jack. Here are just a few shots with her best buddy Ian--who really enjoys defending her from attacking foes and of Katie being a super hero.

Just have to add that Katie has perfected the "fake cry". Last night--I repremanded her for throwing her salad on the floor. She looked at me, screwed up her face and tried to give a convincing cry, but ended up laughing until we couldn't help but join her.

She is a CON ARTIST--beware, she will take you for all you have and then some. But who can blame you--she's such a baby darling!


Anonymous said...

A con artist! No way, she could teach con artists. We just love looking at the pictures and seeing Anders and Katie.

Katie with a fake cry. There's a surprise. She is such a warm hearted little person (the morning person) you can't help but be taken in.

Anyway! Great pictures. She and Ian certainly are great friends!

Grandpa Bud

Anonymous said...

Hey lady,
I got your message on our blog so I was able to link up to yours from my home computer. I can't believe how much Katie has changed she is so cute. I love her hair. I enjoy having boys, but it makes me long for a little girl. Your family looks good. I also am in shock with how old Anders is. His first day of 1st grade. I remember when he was like a month old and we drove to Idaho. It is hard to believe time has passed so quickly. Love you guys!

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