Friday, September 5, 2008

Early Fall Photos

The Olson farmstead at 408 South Sixth--our ultimate goal is live on a farm, so we are bringing the farm to the city.
One of our giant sunflowers nearing harvest
Anders on his official first day of first grade...very chilly morning September 3, 2008
Sassy Katie in front of "her playhouse" on the 136 week anniversary of her birth.
Katie thought she should get in on the first day of school photo too. Sad part is, she will be heading to pre-school next fall...
We have been enjoying the fleeting last moments of summer and are embracing the chilly mornings, warm days of early fall. Anders has a new teacher, Ms. Rasmussen and Katie is enjoying more time with Sheri.
Our family is proud to announce a new addition to our extended family--Henry Loren Quintana. Katie thinks Henry is the property of herself and Ibby..."My Henry!". We are eager to meet our new family member--maybe at Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

First day of school for Anders! What a great picture. He seems to really be looking forward to it. That is great!

As far as Henry, I guess you could say he belongs to Ibby and Darrell first then the cousins. I think the Aunts, Uncles, Grandma & Grandpa would approve.

Grandpa Bud

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