Monday, November 12, 2007

Grandma Betty's Giftas

As many of you know, Betty Olson is a tremendous cook! I am sharing her famous Giftas recipe...

6 Nature Valley pecan crunch granola bars
2 oz. pecan pieces
5oz. Yoplait thick and creamy vanilla yogurt
6 oz. Craisins
16 oz. jellied cranberries
1 tub cool whip

1. Blend the granola bars in a food processor until crumbled and set aside for #7.

2. Grind Craisins to approximately 1/4 original size in food processor.

3. Blend 16 oz. jellied cranberries until consistncy of pie filling in food processor.

4. Whip together yogurt, craisins and cranberry blend.

5. Add pecan pieces.

6. Blend cool whip into mixture.

7. Layer 1/2 mixture and 1/2 granola crumbles.

8. Repeat number 7.

Lastly, enjoy with your Thanksgiving dinner :).

Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones!

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