Saturday, May 4, 2019

may the fourth be with you

sweet Kes on this special day...
and here is Osten this morning. We were driving on north Main Street here in River Falls when he noticed a petting zoo and bounce house at Ace Hardware. We pulled over because he said "Momma, I hope I'm never too mature for a bounce house". It sealed the deal for me.

After this his football team suffered a tough loss against the 49ers 42-20. Then we drove to Woodbury where he attended a birthday party for his buddy Jude at SkyZone.

To cap off the evening, we got home and played a baseball game with Anders and had some frozen pizza.

Anders had a big day with a varsity tennis tournament in Stevens Point where he lost 3 singles matches and won a doubles match with his buddy Indigo.

I'm now heading to bed to get some rest before waking up early tomorrow, picking up Sara and Abby and driving to Eau Claire to run our half marathon. So exciting!

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