Monday, September 4, 2017

happy birthday Ibby Gina!

After spending much of the day on Saturday in my classroom, Anders working and Katie resting after a fun sleepover, we drove to Grantsburg to the lake for a bit of a end of summer celebration on Saturday night.

Sunday morning we woke, spent time on the lake, wished Ibby Happy Birthday and then dressed up for family photos at a friend of Ibby's. The day couldn't have been nicer. Nell (not a professional photographer) did an amazing job of wrangling the family and capturing some really beautiful photos. I also took some photos during down times that ended up being pretty cute.

The photos I took
Ike and Anders

Osten and Ike

Dehlia Grace

Osten sticking out his tongue

Osten and I 

Katie and Siri

Anders and I 
 Now the photos by Nell...
Our family--Osten, Anders, Brad, Katie and I 

Siri, Brent, Molly, Ivan and Ike

Ibby's family--Henry, Ibby, Joe and Dehlia

Grandparents and grandchildren--Dehlia, Joe, Henry, Anders, Katie, Siri, Ivan, Ike, Osten and Grandma and Grandpa 
The grandkids--Osten, Siri, Katie, Ike, Joe, Anders, Dehlia, Ivan and Henry

smiling at someone you like

Betty and Bud

Katie and Dehia

Joe and Henry

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