Sunday, January 24, 2016


I enjoy keeping a tally of expenses--especially when you can do a lot with a little.

For new bedroom:
metal studs--approximately $300
pine boards--free material, not sure cost of cutting into boards--cost incurred over 5 years ago
4 sheets paneling from ReStore--$60 total
outlet covers ReStore $2
door frame from ReStore $6
door--included in cost of purchasing our home
painting supplies and a carbon monoxide/smoke alarm and wiring for alarm--$164.03
electrical supplies for three lights and two outlets--approximately $200

For converting dining into living room:
ceiling fan (Craigs List) $45
paint supplies--$110
round dining table chairs--$150

We sold:
buffet for $200
dining room table $200

still have a hutch to sell and two couches--maybe get $150 for all

So far, we paid about $200 to flip our crowded dining room/sitting area into a comfortable family room/dining area

with old couch which now is home to a 2nd chances employee

new dining area

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