Friday, February 21, 2014

early release

This morning, our class was getting into our routine and one of our paraprofessionals came in to announce that we would be eating lunch early and leaving for the day at 12:15pm.  I quietly went to the white board to write the new plan and several of the kids groaned saying they wanted to stay at school and several cheered.   I ended up eating lunch with the kids and it was a wonderful experience.

One parent didn't get the message so she came about an hour after school was dismissed, so I did get some things done around the classroom that needed attention.   It was really nice to pick up O at daycare--his grin was pretty sweet when he saw I was picking him up and to be at home for a few hours before the sun set.  I did get stuck in our driveway as the snow was really slippery but Brad was quickly able to get back the van into the garage.  We watched as all of our neighbors had the same challenges, but Brad went out to help everyone get their vehicles safely in their driveway or garage.

The two elder Olson kiddos were at friends houses playing in the snow and eventually they all came over and we played a rousing game of Dominion.  We had potato soup for dinner and then sent everyone home at about 7pm.

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