Sunday, May 27, 2012

slow down

Last night, Brad and I went to a slow down dinner at the Ridge to Reef Sustainable farm.  Haley took care of our kiddos while we drove into the rainforest and enjoyed an incredible meal of six courses made with farm fresh ingredients from the farm
  1. plantain canape with yogurt, kimchee and a sauted leaf
  2. roasted pumpkin soup with coconut milk and toasted pumpkin seeds
  3. crepe with eggplant and tomatoes
  4. fresh green salad with tomatoes and dressing
  5. freshly caught tilapia with roasted plantains
  6. banana bread with cherry sauce
After the delicious dinner, there was a bonfire and fire dancers.

One of the many pieces of St. Croix that we will miss.

lovely pond on the property

intoxicating flowers--beautiful fragarance

my favorite course

tied for 2nd with all the others

rockin' bonfire

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