Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brian Schlomann

Upon arrival home in Mt. Lake, Mom announced my classmate Brian Schlomann was found by his wife last night, he had apparently died of a heart attack. 39 years old. Young daughter. Too sad. I guess I will be attending a funeral while here at home. When Mom told me, I recalled thinking of my friend Brian earlier this week. While preparing for our trip and doing laundry on Wednesday evening, I was remembering our 20 year reunion last summer and Brian's invitation to come over to play horseshoes. At the time didn't think of going, but now I really wished I would have spent a little more time with him. May he rest in peace. A link to his funeral information: is at the Sturm Funeral Home site.


Anonymous said...

Schlomann was a co worker of mine. Met him about 12 years ago. Funny Funny dude. I'll miss him

Sheri Magnuson said...

So Sorry to hear this Karen! What an time to lose a friend, husband, father and son! My thoughts are with you all!

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