Tuesday, August 16, 2011

night swim, rental house, lime pie & centipedes

This evening our little family went over to Caren Martin's house to say hello, see the home we will be calling home and to have a lovely piece of lime pie and freshly whipped cream.  Katie was delighted to see her yellow room, Anders likes his room (with attached bathroom) and Osten toddled all over (didn't go into his little room off of Anders').  The kids climbed into Caren's bed, (the room where Brad and I will be staying) which requires a footstool to climb into and we all took a dip in the pool.  Anders showed off some excellent swimming skills.  Both of the children whose speaking is easily understood are very excited to move in.  There is a great future football field, baseball diamond and basketball court to be used.  We also found three hands of bananas, some ripening papaya trees as well as a piano that are waiting for us!

When we arrived back at Chris and Ellie's, Anders spied a large and fast centipede crawling on the area right outside their door.  Brad grabbed a large rock and disposed of the quick creature.  Then we came inside and another stealthy, stinging beast was discovered and destroyed.  I wonder if we will grow to find them just annoying or will react the same way every time they are discovered?  Millipedes are currently very abundant and we are kind of getting used to them, but we shall see about their relatives...

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Dintemanns said...

Marvelous! Sounds so great!

Can't wait until you find that dang photo cord!

The idea of a papaya tree...wow. Bananas...great too!

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