Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The cute story from Sheri...

Subject: Katie story
We were outside playing and katie all of a sudden starts exclaiming, "there! Sheri LOok! there it is!!! Do you see it?!" I ask "what' looking down the road in the direction she is pointing, at the road, houses, school, neighbors lawn, back at her to see what she is looking at.

""That thing, right there! Right there! Do you see it?!" "I don't, what do you see?" EXaperatedly Katie says "Look that thing that the girls jumped out of!!!!! Do you see it!!!!" Looking in the direction she is frantically pointing in, I start searching for girls...teen agers? Did they run off. I scan the yards, I look toward the school, down the road, at the neighbors houses, back at Katie and back to the road. "What girls?"

Disappointedly and loosing hope, she says "the singer girls..." I look up an barely catch a glimpse of the white, blue and Green truck disappearing down Bartosh Street. "OH the chickmunk girls! I shout, the FedEX truck, they jumped out of a FedEX truck. Bent over Katie comes back to life and says with wide eyes and surprise, "YES from the squeakquil." "Yes!! I did see it Katie!" ANd I got a great smile and a huge hug!

Thank Goodness Odegards lent us the movie two weeks ago!!!!!Now that was an intense moment. Air traffic controllers have NOtt'in over me!!!

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