Sunday, December 23, 2018

the gathering Blomgren style

On Saturday, the Blomgren family gathered at the farm where Clarence and Vivian raised their family for just over 20 years. The people attending:
Vivian (Mom), Kent, Anna and Abby, Kurt, Jenna, Cody, Stella, Vance, Kaitie, Stuart, Kyeanna and Kesleigh, Kyle, Kim, Kyle Jr., Adam, Erica, Liana and Ryan, Cory, Joan, Thomas, Evan and Trenton, Karen, Brad, Anders, Katie and Osten.

We ate yummy oyster stew and spent time visiting and eating lots and lots of baked goods. The mask wasn't opened, so we picked at number from a deck of cards and chose the 5 of hearts as the one who needed to take the mask. That person was Thomas.

Karen, Cory, Kurt, Kent, Kyle and Mom

good buddies Stella and Osten

the kids went to play outside around sunset

Katie swinging

Kesleigh=star of show

lots of attention from her stateside cousins

leading the SKOL cheer with his new hat

grandma's sweethearts
grandma sharing Night before Chrismas

Grandma and her grandkids

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